Suspension for 2nd Offense DWI in New Jersey

New Jersey drunk driving penalties are costly and far-reaching. Moreover, they become even more serious for each subsequent offense. For a second offense DUI within 10 years of the first offense, a defendant will face a substantial increase on the duration of suspension. Unlike for a first offense DWI in New Jersey, the law takes away almost all the discretion that the municipal judge will have over your suspension – if you are convicted for a 2nd DWI you will lose your license for two years. This also means that even if your BAC reading is 0.08% or 0.09% you will not be entitled to a lower suspension, as you would be for a first offense, but will instead be subject to a mandatory 2 year suspension of your driver’s license. We have listed the penalties for a second offense DWI below in an easy list breakdown for your reading convenience.

  • Jail time between 2 – 90 days
  • A mandatory 2 years of license suspension
  • 30 days of community service
  • Minimum fines of $500 and maximum of $1,000
  • 12 – 48 hrs Intoxicated Driver Resource Center
  • $3,000 in automobile insurance surcharges over a 3-year period
  • An ignition interlock device while license is suspended and following return of license

*Note: These penalties do not include additional costs related to installation of the ignition interlock device and mandatory assessements such as Safe Neighborhood Services Fund, Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Fund, and IDRC fees.

Moreover, it is important to note that jail time now becomes mandatory for a second offense DUI conviction. Defendants convicted of their second DWI in New Jersey will be sentenced to no less than 2 days in county jail. However, an experienced New Jersey DUI Lawyer can often successfully argue to have the judge convert the jail time to IDRC. To learn more, contact our firm today to speak with one of our attorneys during a free initial consultation regarding your arrest for a second DWI.