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Image of Driving While ImpairedA DWI or refusal is a serious charge, and a conviction carries weighty repercussions. Fighting these charges is a difficult and often complicated process. But the distressing alternative is extremely costly fines and fees, license forfeiture, possible jail time, and more. At the Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta, & Oliver, we are well aware of the seriousness of your Edison, NJ DWI/DUI. And we are prepared to offer you the legal assistance you need for these grave charges. We will work tirelessly to get your drunk driving charges downgraded or possibly dismissed.

DWI Penalties in Edison, NJ

Both refusal to submit to a breathalyzer and driving while impaired are serious offenses that carry heaving penalties. A first offense DWI conviction in New Jersey levies a large fine, a similar surcharge, a license suspension of three months, and a possible imprisonment. The penalties for second drunk driving conviction include mandatory prison time, a 2-year license suspension, and increased fines. A third DWI conviction results in a loss of license for 10 years and jail time determined by a judge. Offenders may also be required to enroll in counseling programs, install a ignition interlock device, and/or complete community service.

To fight these charges, your lawyer reviews the vehicle stop the officer made that led to your arrest, whether any field sobriety test performed was administered correctly, if the 20-Minute Observation Rule was complied with, and any other conduct during the arresting process that may render your charges unlawful. Many members of our team are some of the few attorneys in the state of New Jersey to be Dräger Alcotest certified.

Edison Drunk Driving Attorneys

This Middlesex County Township boasts a population of nearly 100,000. Edison contributes hugely to New Jersey’s annual DWI arrests. This is largely due to its location in central New Jersey, and its five miles of road, plus NJ Turnpike Interchange 10 and Routes 1, 9, 27 and 287. The existence of these multiple major roadways within Edison draws the heavy presence of local and state police patrols. The resulting DWI charges are heard in Edison County Municipal Court on Municipal Blvd.

About Our New Jersey DWI Lawyers

The New Jersey DUI Lawyers at the Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta, & Oliver fight zealously for the rights of our clients and have been doing so for several decades. Our team is unique in New Jersey for the numerous qualifications and credentials our lawyers possess in the DWI/DUI defense area. When we take your case, we diligently look for violations of your rights, procedural errors, and erroneous technicalities throughout all aspects of your stop and arrest. We fight zealously to safeguard your rights and your freedom.

Edison Township Municipal Court

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  • Gary M. Price
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  • COURT CODE: 1205
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