Intoxicated Driver Program in New Jersey

What is the IDP?

NJ Intoxicated Driver ProgramIf you have been charged with a DUI in the state of New Jersey, you now must take part in the Intoxicated Driver Program. The Intoxicated Driver Program (IDP) is a joint effort from the Division of Addiction Services (DAS), the Administrative Office of the courts (AOC), and the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). The IDP coordinates all DUI services and client participation for treatment and recovery after a DUI conviction. The purpose of the IDP is to prevent repeat DUI offenses and therefore make New Jersey’s highways and waterways safer by offering evaluation and treatment of alcohol or drug problems in New Jersey drivers.

What is my obligation?

As part of the IDP, you must attend your local IDP program at your county Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC). Your sentence as a first offender is six hours per day on two consecutive days for a total of 12 hours of detention, education, and evaluation. If it is your second offense, and you are not sentenced to inpatient treatment or jail time, you must spend 48 consecutive hours at your IDRC facility. For your third offense, you may receive a jail sentence, an inpatient alcoholism treatment requirement or both. In addition, for your third offense, you will be scheduled at the 12-hour IDRC for follow-up evaluation and treatment.

How much will it cost?

You must pay for whichever IDP program fulfills your sentence. In addition to your fines for the DUI conviction, you will also be charged for the IDRC detainment. Typically, you will be charged an insurance surcharge of $1,000 plus miscellaneous fees amounting to $525 or more per offense. By your third offense, this surcharge will increase to $1,500 with higher fees closer to $575. Keep in mind that you could be charged enhanced fines if your DUI was in a school zone, or if you are convicted with a minor child in the vehicle.

What if I don’t comply?

If you fail to attend your scheduled IDP, your driver’s license will not be renewed. You also may be subject to further fines based on your offense.

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05 November, 2013 / by John Marshall