How Much Does a DUI Cost in New Jersey

Cost of a DUI

After a DUI arrest in New Jersey, the person charged with a DUI is usually weighing two options: 1)Should I hire a DUI attorney? 2)Should I accept a DUI conviction and just pay the fines?

Oftentimes, people believe the costs and ramifications associated with a New Jersey DUI are less than they actually are and believe hiring an attorney to fight the DUI charges will be too expensive. What the person facing the DUI charges needs to realize is that beyond the financial obligations of a DUI conviction, the resulting damage to a person’s reputation, job opportunities, driving abilities, and freedom are just as significant. Hiring a New Jersey DWI attorney really is in the person’s best interest, both financially and personally.Let’s take a look at some of the numbers and costs associated with a DUI in New Jersey. How much does a DUI in New Jersey really cost? Here are some very conservative general numbers involved in a New Jersey DUI conviction and will vary according to each court or district:

• $100 IDRC (Intoxicated Driver Resource Center) classes
• $200 Reinstate license
• $100 Car towing
• $250 *Minimum fine
• $50 Victim compensation fund
• $30 *Per day impound fees
• $75 Safe neighborhood fund
• $30 Law enforcement assistance fund
• $3,000 New Jersey MVC surcharge
• $3,000 Insurance company surcharge
• $ ??? Loss in income due to jail time and/or DUI classes

Doing the math, you’re looking at $7,000 minimum – and that doesn’t even take into account the non-financial consequences of a DUI conviction in New Jersey. Aside from the financial obligations incurred with a DUI conviction, your reputation, driving record, and criminal record will be forever altered, which can secondarily affect insurance availability, life opportunities, and professional and career growth. Once you take a closer look at the numbers and the areas of your life that will actually be affected by a DUI conviction, the cost of a DUI in New Jersey just became ‘real’.

Acquiring the assistance and legal guidance of a New Jersey DUI attorney can greatly impact your chances of beating your DUI charges. After doing the math and looking into the personal ramifications of a DUI conviction, can you really afford not to?

27 August, 2013 / by John Marshall