4 Top Portable Breathalyzers

Who knew such a small gadget could have such a huge impact, literally saving hundreds of lives each year. Drinking and driving is a no brainer – don’t do it. But what about those times when you’ve had one or two drinks and you think, “Yeah, I’m okay to drive,” and in reality, maybe those two drinks have had more of an effect than you realize. Having a portable breathalyzer can not only save your life, but the lives of others along with a lot of heartache. So which ones work the best? Let’s take a look at a few of the market’s bestselling and most accurate home breathalyzer tests…

1. BACtrack.

BACtrackA huge hit is the world’s first mobile breathalyzer, the BACtrack, which connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your iPhone. Using a highly accurate alcohol sensor, the BACtrack will estimate your blood alcohol content and deliver your score within minutes. The BACtrack will also estimate the length of time it will take for your BAC to return to normal.

2. AlcoHawk Pro.

AlcoHawk ProThe AlcoHawk Pro is a professional digital alcohol detector using semiconductor-oxide. The semiconductor sensor is extremely accurate and is DOT and NHTSA approved. Because an appropriate amount of air is needed to test accurately, the AlcoHawk uses FlowCheck technology to ensure the driver (or potential driver) has blown enough air to test accurately.

3. BreathKey.

BreathKeyThe digital breathalyzer key chain, the BreathKey, is a fan favorite because it’s always easily accessible and available. It is the lightest and smallest Breathalyzer in the world and operates on a fuel cell alcohol sensor, which is FDA-certified and the same technology used by law enforcement. The BreathKey registers in thousandths of a percent, so the accuracy is dependable and reliable.

4. SafeDrive.

SafeDrive personal alcohol detectorThe SafeDrive personal alcohol detector is a semi-micro gas detector which can be used more than 800 times and results are ready in as early as 7 seconds. The advanced MEMS gas sensor makes the SafeDrive a very accurate option for detecting your BAC level.

With mobile apps, digital handhelds, and keychain bling, there is no excuse for driving under the influence. These handy and portable breathalyzers are too convenient and affordable to make any excuses. Drive safe and be smart.

09 September, 2013 / by John Marshall