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Are you looking for a lawyer to fight your Fairfield, New Jersey DWI charges? Look no further. At The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver, we are proud of our record and the extensive skills, training and credentials possessed by our DWI Defense Team. We are intimately familiar with the prosecutorial system, and we utilize all the exclusive resources at our disposal to beat your DWI or lessen the detrimental impact of your drunk driving charges.

DWI Defense in Fairfield, New Jersey

Whether you have been arrested for a first, second or subsequent drunk driving offense, you face the loss of your driver’s license for at least three months. Other penalties for these offenses include mandatory time in the Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center, additional costly financial penalties and MVC surcharges, and a jail term. The requirement of a vehicle interlock device is another very real possibility for many DWI convictions. The lawyers of The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver are experienced and prepared to aggressively defend you in the Fairfield Municipal Court. But a successful defense begins before your arraignment. The New Jersey DWI/DUI laws are structured so that overcoming your drunk driving charges hinges on demonstrating that the arresting process was flawed. Because of this, it’s crucial that we start strategizing for you from day one.

About Our DWI Defense Lawyers

Our clients are representative of all facets of the community. They are largely law-abiding citizens, who find themselves in an unfortunate and frightening situation. When this happens, our DWI/DUI Defense Team is here to offer non-judgmental, efficient and effective counsel. We concentrate on ensuring that you have the best possible legal representation for your charges, and our team is uniquely positioned to deliver this. Our list of qualifications and credentials is long and exclusively suited to defense of New Jersey DWI-related charges. Various members of our team hold certifications in the State Field Sobriety Test, certification in SFST instruction, operation and maintenance of the state Draeger Alcotest machine certification, and a combined total of about a century of experience defending New Jersey motorists against drunk driving charges.

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