Clifton DUI Lawyer

If you were arrested for DWI in Clifton NJ, it is not a shock to us. The town is not only the 11th most populated in the state but also filled with major roadways like the Garden State Parkway, Route 3 and U.S. Route 46. The result is Clifton historically ranking as the top town for DWI and DUI filings in Passaic County every year. As the largest drunk driving defense firm in the state with an office in Wayne NJ, we know all too well how aggressive the police can be in the city. This is a primary reason why you should strongly consider hiring our firm, The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall.  Our DUI team, including former municipal prosecutors and dual certified defense attorneys, have handled countless cases with success in Clifton. A member of our staff is available around the clock to consult with prospective clients about what we can offer you. We will review all of the facts, advise you regarding potential defenses, and develop a plan for success. For assistance from an lawyer at our office, call 862-203-4070 or contact us online. The consultation is free of charge.

DWI Offense in Clifton NJ

Clifton DWI CourtAs the top town for DWI charges in its county, Clifton processed 352 offenses last year. All arrests end up in the same place — Clifton Municipal Court, 900 Clifton Avenue, Second Floor, Clifton, NJ 07013. Honorable Thomas Brunt is the judge of the court. Arraignments, hearings and trials involving individuals who are represented by an attorney occur on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 a.m., or Thursday at either 3:30 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. The prosecutor handling all matters on behalf of the state is Daniel Brown, Esq. The court and its Director, Anne Dreps, can be reached during regular business hours at 973-470-5858 (Criminal Cases) and 973-470-5860 (Traffic Matters). For additional information, consult the official website of Clifton Municipal Court. If you are unable to attend a proceeding, you must advise the court or a warrant shall be issued for your arrest. It is important to take a DUI offense very serious and retain an experienced drunk driving lawyer to insure that your interests are always protected.

DWI Attorney in Clifton New Jersey

Although the largest percentage of DUI charges in Clifton involve a first offense, there are also many repeat offenders who are facing a second or even third offense. Irrespective of what number offense your are facing or whether the charge involves driving under the influence of drugs like marijuana, prescription medication or alcohol, there is no plea bargaining of your violation. You will have to come up with a genuine issue that raises reasonable doubt concerning the charge against you. The police officer and prosecutor lack authority to simply downgrade or dismiss a DWI without a valid legal basis. Hiring a skilled attorney like those on our staff is therefore crucial if you want to escape a conviction under N.J.S.A. 39:4-50. Mr. Marshall and the other members of this firm are some of the most highly trained DWI attorneys that you can find in New Jersey. To speak to a lawyer immediately, call 862-203-4070 for a free consultation.